I am in transition. Hope you enjoy the ride through my thoughts, hopes, dreams, stories, adventures, misadventures, and the never ending pursuit of the things we call happy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So fillin in the blanks slightly...
After getting the boot (or if you will, pointe shoe) from my job for taking the guesting, I (like the rest of my family) bouced back as a friend discribed it "like a teflon ball", and got the "ball" rolling to get a job.


For only being good at one thing since I was a babe, what does a dancer do to make rent, pay for power bills, phone bills, and starbucks seasonal drinks that were coming up?????

I made a list.
Yes, a list.

1. Become a Super Hero.
- Although this was my top choice it had its downfalls as A. I didn't have any super powers (unless you consider being a pain in the butt or for my size being able to "down food like a trucker" as my fiance' lovingly puts it) and B. My aim has never been, oh how do I put it, up to Super Hero standards... or normal people standards at that

2. I love Coffee.....................................................
-Become a coffee bean... work in a coffee house without experience... drink a whooooooolelotta coffee as I tried to make a number three

3. Win the lottery
- I know it's not a career but it would help... a lot... santa....

4. Animals
- I have always been in love with animals. I'm the gal that would run in the rain, up a tree, on a limb, for a cat who didn't want to be saved apparently or stop, get in a traffic accident, with slammed breaks, to run after a dog on the loose... So... I either run away to make a colony of me and animals, or option B work for a shelter or something of the sorts.
I chose the latter, and called the local Humane Society.

It has thus far been an amazing experience. The people I work with are funny, and don't scream in our faces like my previous boss (in which case I've always wanted to say "hint a mint"), and everyone there is passionate about the same cause.

So inbetween my thoughts and hopes to make the dance world joyous again I will be working with the animals, helping homes become whole, and being a "normal person".

Til next time...


  1. Jen - I love the continuing journey! What a perfect transition thing for you to do!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I'm with you on number 3. =)