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Monday, October 18, 2010


So as I sit here and reread my last posting a lot of life and more importantly a lot of living has occured. So I apologize as I just attempt to stumble around the words to begin... ya gotta start somewhere.

And with that sayin, I think that depicts my life in the last half of the year.

I live in Nashville,TN now. I am married. I have 4 dogs. I am dancing full time again with a new start up company. I have roommates... ???... ya, I know, backwards much. I work also at a Pet Resort. I have much more friends than foe. People depend on and believe in me. I have a laptop, which is one of the reasons for the distant writting. I have health insurance again as of yesterday, which in turn means I can help my heart aches... the literal ones... not trying to be a sad poet.

I've been waiting for this for a very long time. The dancers all care and we are a family. The director hasn't forgotten what it's like to be a dancer, and I am no longer struggling.

I do have some downfalls though. I am tired. I'd rather be this though than bored, but I realized that theres no me time. Dancers are like cats... cats are artists... moody, loving, schemers. I haven't been able to do anything of the sort. Still trying to find the balance on the line of sane and out of my mind.

I dream big.

I hope for better.

I still wont take crap.

I eat the cake... and don't look back.

I hope to be able to still accomplish my dancer project...

Til next time... cheers from here in Starbucks, somewhere in Nashville.

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