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Thursday, December 23, 2010

So I figure...

Until I can actually concretely start my project which in fact I will go into more in depth ideas of how I'd like to go about the said project, I think knowing a lil about me in my life will help better peoples views if how I live and derive ideas to better my life for others.

Number one... my life is one long run on sentence I think.

What I find beautiful and interesting... and even the interestingly beautiful... are things like cheese... grilled cheese (currently consuming), cheese and fine wine (currently consuming), mac and cheese.
Small insignificant satisfying things that make the world go round.

Christmas ornaments that were made by my nephews when they were young tykes.

I like to sing but am mortified to sing in front of people.

Coffee makes me delightful.

Dance is my joy...

Ive been able to find a balance between dance and everyone else's world... Other things make me equally as happy but dance is still my first love.
I wouldn't say it was love at first sight... I was and still shine brightly the tom boy that is inside of me. I like to think that both worlds, the glittery, the costumes, the tiaras and the side of me that loves country music, my vintage truck, riding horses, and boot wearing girl that makes up me collide and seem to work... or at least I think I may just have the worlds best imagination. Ha!

I love my dogs. I am truly a better person with an animal in my life and on my lap.

Today a man was in target with a cowboy hat and Santa hat on top of it but this man was legit... boots... twang... oh to have that much confidence.

"Til He appeared, and the soul felt it's worth" is such a beautiful line.

and that's all I will give for  now on this eve of Christmas eve...
til next time

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