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Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am having a hard time believing nutcracker season is coming to an end soon. I am sitting in the same chair i started in this morning with my cuppa joe but now the drink of choice is a smidge of vino t sedate my mind that is in a constant change of mind. Its even more astounding that just a mere year ago I was workin at a humane society shelter about to foster my now daughter lucy bell from heartworm treatment and she is here heartworm free. I was engaged and now married... livin in another state.... dancing.... teaching.... working at a pet resort... and paying off debt. When did I become a grown up? I suppose it was going to happen eventually but my nick name is in fact mama jen at dance... ha. I recently danced at a homeless shelter and amongst some who had nothing but complaints I was in awe of the stories thei eyes told... and their courage. I shared something I love with them and they found it beautiful... in fact one lady over and over again said "its so beautiful..." I almost cried. I want to move people more than just ticket sales. It was of the most beautiful times of my life. Do something courageous. Do something that alters your life for the better. Share your passion to the fact that its your love. Look and dont be afraid if what you see is sad.... might be something asking you to make a change........ be beauty is the darkest of shadows.

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