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Thursday, January 6, 2011

you know its...

... the end of the holiday seasom when... your Christmas tree that once stood proudly is an eye sore and you curse it with every bristle that sticks in your sole.
... when radio stations are now talking about "all that weight you gained try this 30 day free trial to lose the holiday gain".
... the weather chill is more a complaint of simply a fact of the nature (pun intended) of the beast rather than the charm of "bundlin up".

and so much more that it begins to depress even the fairhearted of people.

I wish there was a way to bottle that feel of free will.... that cheer and not dreer... that happy.

I know its the antisipation of Spring now.
Then the theme is everything new.
...Spring Cleaning.

But that will unfortunetly have its downfalls. Complaints of too much rain. When will Summer arrive. Beach. Getting ready for "your beach body".

How can all the happy of every season be brought to every day?

For me it was today meeting a man that used his talent... which happens to be juggling... to benefit others around him and enrich the community. His passion and talent is incredible and it was as if he got "it". He got what I hope one day the project will come to be.

It was a coldish day in Nashville but nothing in comparison to what it could be... we had a white Christmas and it was supposedly the first in 17 years. My snow man was only as they say here since you can't see a visual "yay big"... and didnt last very long poor guy.

I had the day off and taught a private lesson to a girl that is tride and true passionate about dance. She reminds me of me when I was young. How great a thought that I can share my joy with her to the point that it can become her joy?

That was one happy for me today. Along side $5 jersey knit shirts from Target. And meeting a man that had a passion to make others lives live a little happier too through outreach with his talent... juggling. Of course coffee was another happy as oppose to the days its needed as a wake up remedy.

Til next time.... think happy...

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