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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

and so...

I have decided that when I plan things.... ya... something always gets in the way. Sometimes rain... sometimes a traffic jam... and sometimes egos.

In those instances it's as if you wanna throw your hands up in the air and say "what gives???!".

It's so frustrating that even the best of intentions can be turned and twisted in the minds of others to make it either about them and personal. Then, I think the pessimist in me goes "ya...ya..ya..". I have decided if I know the truth of my intentions and others have decided to think the worst... than it's OK. I don't have to try and adjust someone else's thoughts if they have their mind set. It's kinda... freeing. Maybe even carefree.

Remember the days of carefree??? The ice-cream truck music down the street, your neighbor's kids playing in your moat (disclaimer... we have a moat... not maybe a legit one.... its a 'crik' or as they say it up north 'creek' that runs under our house..), your pups roughhousing and you joining in, dancing down the aisle and people finding it cute and not staring uncomfortably or laughing at the weird girl jammin out in line at Target (not like I ugh have any experience in that... um. field... ya... not. at. all.).

I want a coffeeshop in a studio one day. Art, coffee, and community. MMMMM.

Dreaming big far outweighs the everyday mundane... rain... traffic... egos...

It's exciting.

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