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Friday, October 21, 2011

Eggs... MMMMMM... ish


I highly recommend this as a nice read as I now eat organic eggs, i.e. the chickens are all on organic feed, are truly free range, and happy... granted I carry a small blue shovel as there is a random rooster on the farm that has decided his favorite past time is to chase me and charge like he'd be screaming "taaaaleeehooooooo"... anyway. Its so important to not be blind to this people. I'm not exactly such what went wrong in our society. Mass Production. Huge Consequences... we are eating! And only because its the "Norm". When did "natural" veer from the "norm" and become what some call a trend? How are are your eggs? You will find out here. Good Morning Sunshine!


  1. Seriously, when did natural veer from the norm??????? Love it. Preach on sister!!!

  2. Can I get an amen? jk hahaha thank ya! miss you