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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gumption... a whole lotta it


noun Informal.

1.initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness: 'With his gumption he'll make a success of himself.'

2.courage; spunk; guts: 'It takes gumption to quit a high-paying job.'

3.common sense; shrewdness.
The above video is one of courage, spunk, wit, pizazz, and a gumption. Its a dear friend of mine that I used to dance with several years back. She overcame an injury... not one that is easy to overcome even though most injuries aren't necessarily labeled as easy, but this one was a torn ACL... I wouldn't recommend it... just sayin...
I myself had an injury that cause me to sit outta the game for about 13 months... start to finish.
I remember it like it was yesterday... hmm.. and I don't know how to say this without saying it to make me sound cocky... but.. I love birthdays... and especially mine. I mean, people celebrating your very existence, there is presents, and there's CAKE what???! Well, it was certainly a memorable one... I tore my deltoid ligament in my left ankle, bruised my talus bone, and gained a bunch of fluid in the joint. Fun times... inserted sarcasm. And after countless hours of tears, Dr visits where he told me I had to wear sneakers, would never wear high heels again (and side note my whole theory with having nasty feet due to battle wounds of pointe shoes I had allowed myself to spend loads of teacher paychecks and per diem on very expensive high heels to compensate for the said nasty feet...), and that I'd be lucky to one day take an entire ballet class pain free... I had decided he and I wouldn't be friends and kindly told him that and also that I had wanted my friendship bracelet back after when I asked if I could even skip and he just stared unamused at me, and PT appointments where I cried on the table and yelled like off of 40 year old virgin when he got his chest hair waxed.
My other friend who had an injury before me gave me the best advice I can remember one day when I had a rather dramatic FB status I wrote about giving up the dream... She said someone had told her this and it changed her life and hoped it would mine...
She told me that if you fall victim to your downfall... pun intended... injury... you let it win. You have to look at it as apart of you. It has 'become' apart of you. Add it to the list... get up, poop, eat, drink, brush your teeth, take care of your injury, poop again, eat drink, and nurse your injury again, go to bed.
When you look at that in that light you take ownership and make it just another thing to do.
I am a firm believer that anything is possibly for those who believe it, see it, pray it, and just do it.
Even of matters of the heart...
take hold, take charge, and just let it go...
Oh how I wish I could tell that Dr. now that only but 2 mere weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to dance my dream role of Odette (the white swan) in Swan Lake, and besides minor tune ups here and there, I can take an entire class... pain free... man I must be "lucky" like he said.

Have your legacy, of a list of many, be that of GUMPTION!

Below... my beautiful friend... gumption folks at it's best...

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  1. Jen this is wonderful and quite true of all dancers. Injuries are going to happen, where, when, how really does not matter, however, how you play the game afterward is the true test of ones love of the art form! There have been so many examples of courage in my friends and myself. I had the joy of sleeping in a rather large plastic boot for the last four years of my career and even took that damn thing to Russia with me........... Thomas had my bucket waiting for me when I arrived home and in the morning it was not bagels and coffee, it was coffee and ICE! UGH! Do I miss that now that retirement has set in, NO WAY, would I have done it again, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!