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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am.

I am a dancer.

An Artist.

I remember starting at the age of 3 with a lopsidded bun and elephant knees (i.e. tights too big and my knees would bunch and scrunch like an elephant trunk).

I have been lucky to have an injury that caused me away from dance that had jaded me and as my foot heeled so did my love that had been tainted for dance again.

I was made fun of in school. I have, also like my bun, a lopsidded dimple on my right cheek so my pleasant nickname in school was "crater face". Nice huh. Life at home was... tricky... but, my one outlet, my one place to escape from all of it, to not be called crater face... was my studio. I was so self conscious. If you really knew me now you would know that I'm nooooooot necessarily the most dainty of wall flowers these days so needless to say, I've come a long way. I faked feeling beautiful til I finally felt beautiful. I have been trying to help the girls I teach to feel the studio is the same place it was for me. A place to feel important.

It makes me wonder in today's society, if I'd be able to survive childhood again. No wonder there's such a body image issue with women and complex with men. It never seems to "be enough". Everything has to be quick, fast, and in a hurry. I realize this is the communication generation.. the convienence of it all... I have a smart phone, and do indeed enjoy the facebook app and the handy tip calculator as I wasn't the biggest fan of math nor it to I.

But... what would the world today, and especially kids these days, be with "old school". Where a phone was just a phone. Where when you wanted to connect it was when you were home an included the said phone, or email, writting a letter, or a cuppa joe and talked to an actual peorson about their day and not over a "tweet".

I had lived in New York City for awhile and one thing I gained besides the ability to walk around a crowded room and not feel bad about schmoosing past people, and the other thing was to mosey... to stroll...

I am going to work on aweing the internet on my phone during the day... and make it a point to just "be", chat, stroll...

And side note... the lopsidded dimple... it's one of my favorite... :)

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