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Saturday, October 22, 2011

So here's one of my loves...

Dancing one of my dream roles "Odette" with my partner, and good friend, Brian Williamson.
Life is full of a lot of mundane, "same s***, different shovel", "same ole same ole", "yada yada yada" stuff and you relish the moments that make you want the chance of another day for even the chance for another moment. They are what help you breath. They are what you smile about. That person on the train that smiled at you, the Starbucks barista that made you a grande on accident instead of a tall, when you walk out to get the mail and your dogs act as if they "haven't seen you in forever!!!!!!", the lil kid cracking himself up with his straw poking his dad in the butt as if it were a sword... ride the moments given worth riding and "smile and nod" at the ones not needing a second breath of care.

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