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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I feel as though I have committed a sin. But.... but it felt so right... in the moment you know? Like I just had to do it... this force bigger than myself caused my better judgement in life to be lacking in the right and wrong of all humanity.

Instead of my pumpkin spice... I had a peppermint white chocolate mocha.


I said it out loud... that's the first step to recovery right? Saying it out loud? Admitting it? Healing can now begin.

I feel as though whilst the leaves are still afallin and Thanksgiving looming upon us there are some things that should "wait". Hence the shame in my lack of will.

Why is Wallgreens an most shops decking the halls already? Now if you knew me... realllllly knew me, you'd know I am not one to be rushed. Just ask my husband. I am Texan, Taurus, and for better and for worse my mother's daughter. I don't rush. One of our roommates, who we call "Lana long legs if I fall down I'm aight schmidt smith", doesn't run, I don't rush. I feel my life runs perpetually 5 mins behind schedule. That is just one trait I wish I could have gotten from my father (always a timely man... ya know... getting at the airport "just in case" 3 hours early... k... maybe slightly exaggerating, not 3 but in my lil kid; big woman world it feels that long) and not my mother who believes the world revolves around her time... "they will just have to wait". My dad's knees are hurting right now, and for once in there almost 30 year union my mother now walks faster than my dad and is living it up. We were that family on vacation that my dad and his spitting image, my sister 2 years older, would lead the pack, followed by me with my two lil brothers frolicking about, and my mother and her spitting image, my sister 4 years older trailing 15 paces behind grumbling the whole time, but the woman has yet to ever be rushed, then and now.

So why is it society wants to rush everything? Money? Here's a hint... people don't have that either... along with the lack of wanting for sleighs before the turkey, cranberries, and stuffing? Bring on the Tryptophan!

Well, anyhow, I'm glad I got that confession off my chest. ENJOY Fall and pumpkin spice lattes unite!

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