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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My favorites in life are things with "relatively" little to no value...

Fireworks... I adore a good firework show. Not so much the traffic afterwards, but what po-dunk genius came up with the formula to have colorful stuff explode in the sky? Simply put, I am very much that annoying person (still) well past the age of it being acceptable and so not cute anymore saying out loud "whoa!!! Did you see that oneeeeeee?????! Awesome!!!!". Yup, even dirty looks don't change that fact. Like when I laugh... or cackle... it's a fact of life that few go to the movies with me, any in particular that are funny... as I am also "that" person who, Heaven forbid, does a good ole "LOL"... I laugh out loud and act like a child at fireworks. Yup.

Coffee... it next to wine and a good Southern sweet tea is my tasty beverage of choice.

I also love carbs... any and every. I am very much my father's daughter and am perfectly satisfied with toast with butter or jam for breakfast or before dinner eats. I was that girl that after dance would go home every night and my dinner was a bowl of cereal. Ok, it was a huge serving bowl in which I used a serving spoon to consume said cereal. I've grown up since, but sometimes, life calls for a bowl of cereal to really ground me again.

Vintage trucks... odd I know, I may never actually have the classic red Ford of my dreams, and where most girls like mini coopers, VW bugs, or a flashy something or another, these girls were the same ones that played with Barbies... where as I played outside, in the dirt, got messy, hated wearing dresses, the color pink, and anything girlie... esp Barbies.

But in list of so many other none important life facts about myself, it's hard to not look at these facts as pure luxuries... Mere indulgences in life, even some as experiences or the far fetched dream of a Ford.

My pastor spoke of gratitude this past Sunday... fitting as Thanksgiving is looming amongst us... where he said even the smallest act of gratitude can have a huge impact on your life and also others around you... "thanks hun for making the bed"... "thanks hun for making dinner"... "thanks hun for farting in bed while I am right next to you... it's keeping me warm on this cold Fall night"..... ok, ok maybe not so much the last one but you get the picture.

But did you know, the same dirt that I played on while a lil tom boy of a girl, and with Thanksgiving where most hearty Americans will overindulge in the canned cranberry (yes I am a fan How simple it makes life as the rings from the can act as a cutting guide... saaaaweet), stuffing (my mother's cornbread stove top is hands down bar non the best), and pies... some people in this world (that we def take for grated) will be eating dirt. Yup... dirt. And how they make it enduring, is by adding salt and vegetable shortening to make "cookies". Now I don't know about you, but no cookie is a stranger to me... these however I don't necessarily foresee myself running to the store to test em out. But they are consumed to ward off the hunger pains.

I know about struggle. I am sure most Americans can look at there lives and list off a long list of woes but you can always take life with a glimpse of perspective. Will you be waking up to a nice warm steaming freshly baked dirt cookie tomorrow? On Thanksgiving will you have all the dirt cookies you have every wanted and be able to go back for seconds, and thirds, and if you are me and can "eat like a truck driver" according to my mom, go back for fourths?

The cookies are consumed to stave off hunger pains... come on folks...

As a dancer, I know my own masochistic pain... nothing is ever good enough and our stubborn will is a hard nut to crack, but I joke that I am food aggressive as I don't share well... esp my beloved carbs... it is very rare that I get hunger pains.

My hope is that on Thanksgiving you can look into your own life and realize that things seem completely silly and small when a little perspective is added as a side dish.

Life is so very beautiful.

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