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Monday, November 7, 2011


vi·ral   /ˈvaɪrəl/ Show Spelled[vahy-ruhl]

1.of, pertaining to, or caused by a virus.

2.pertaining to or involving the spreading of information and opinions about a product or service from person to person, especially on the Internet or in e-mails: "a clever viral ad."

3.becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially on the Internet: "the most memorable viral videos; a book that's gone viral."

4.pertaining to a computer virus.

So not the nicest sounding word in most instances especially for a the case of the Mondays... have a cuppa Joe and a viral something on the side. MMMMM. My favorite.


My wish is that a decision my hubby and I made would become viral and shake you up a bit and do the same. PS I know how bad that sounds now that I wrote it, but it made me laugh. Maybe I should erase it and start over, but I am only halfway through my cuppa joe and it kinda made me laugh. Possibly I should have said, with the definition up top, that the sort of viral attempt we are trying to do is one that doesn't include number 1 and 4... so no, at the end of what we hope you catch "pun intended" you wont need a medicated cream nor a computer tune up. Just wanted to clear that up, and again "pun intended".

We are sponsoring a child (a lil boy) for Christmas. See, not so scary... but it is sad.

What we know of him is his name, he is 4 years old, from a small town in Wheelwright,KY, his favorite color is blue, and of course his Christmas list. The definition of "small town" doesn't even compare to this little town. It was a coal mining town. I grew up in a "small town" where our house was the 90th house built when we moved in, and now... where I rode horses with a friend, cows resided in fields, where when a grocery store came into town we had a fair in the parking lot, and don't eeeeeven get me started when the Krispy Kreme arrived how we had traffic cops.... there is now an Ikea... enough said. With all that... it doesn't even compare to this still small town.

And his list...
1 Winter coat (for snow conditions)
Pkg. of socks
Pair of gloves
Set of underwear
3 toys or gifts
A snuggie or warm throw blanket

And his wish list ----- Hot wheels

Now growing up myself in a small town, we had a nice house. Two story. No longer having to share a room with my sisters after my family had rented for years after a time of financial difficulty. We had made "it". We always had what we needed. I was able to dance, my sister was able to cheer, and the other in marching band and collect small exotic animals... we had dogs... we had food... we had water... but I never remember asking for anything and my family never let up that we ever had financial difficulty, but my dad had to be out of town a good majority of the time. Always working. My two nephews came to live with us when I was 9. They were 6 mos and 18 mos. Life was changed... but... we always had a huge Christmas. I remember they sold the Cadillac one year and that same Christmas we ladies got American Girl Dolls and the boys game boys. We had definitely made "it".

But the essentials, even the hand me downs as I am the youngest girl, were always there. I never went without a coat. Although Texas didn't really snow... a slight sleet and the whole town shut down, but if Dorothy and ToTo were potentially flying by our house with a looming tornado... "eh it'll pass".

I know it's already started... the viral effect... some ex students of mine are sponsoring children for their Christmas.

And the thing is... it's not difficult. You can do it locally... ours is through our church, online, internationally even. It's was the simplest decision I have ever had to make.

I know times are tough. Trust me. lol. I know. I dance full time, teach full time, work part time at a pet resort, do private lessons, and my husband works full time. We have 3 roommates. Pups, a kitty, a horse. And a lotta debt. But we also have the ability to go to get a cuppa Joe, where at one time we barely had the ability for Cup Noodles (the ramen kind where you feel your arteries clog with all the sodium). My dad always said he never wanted anything for Christmas... and even though we never asked there were things we of course wanted... Now I look at things we need that would be amazing... ha (cleaning supplies, paper towels, everyday "stuff and things" that make life "better") but really I don't want anything. I have everything that I really need.

Viral. If you have been caught I'd love to hear about it...

Til next time even if you can't or don't, one act of kindness can be a viral effect to another person. And just a massive spread of kindness is what the world needs a lil more of.

Til next time, I'm ganna snag my second cuppa Joe from my beloved french press, and let the pups play outside for awhile before I head to store for this lil boy's Christmas and then teach tonight.

Think viral! :)

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