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Saturday, January 7, 2012

All things NEW...

New Year.


Last year New Years after spending a night at my house with my hubster and my close friends with a few cocktails. I made a toast to "Have a Happy 2012". Now key phrase.... LAST year. Then in the second week I got a concussion by slipping on ice at a gas pump, ramming... literally like a ram I.E. goat... rammed the top of my head into the pump itself.... proceeded to pass out for I'm not sure how long, woken by a man (I could only guess what he looked like) who was helping me to my feet and held my hair back as I threw up what looked like nachos (I didn't have nachos mind you), and then said "I saw the whole thing let me take you somewhere"... where I in turn pushed him away saying "ewwwwwww.... creeper", got into my car and drove away. I know, trust me I know, but let me explain my case senator before you judge me and think I am a horrible person for calling a good Samaritan a creeper. I had just, very ninja like, kicked the crap outta my head, and HE didn't clarify very well "somewhere"... "hospital"... maybe I would have responded a bit differently, but "somewhere" could have been anywhere if you ask me.

And then a week later, my dear roommate whom we have nick named "Lana if I fall down I'm alright long legs" got hit by a semi truck, totaling her car.

So needless to say, after a downward spiral of horrible mishaps, we decided that I single handedly jinxed 2011 with my lovely toast... and therefore had a subdued "New Year's Redo" where I corrected myself to "Have a Happy 2011".

This year I have a feeling is going to be just peachy. I didn't mess up the toast, and so far no concussions nor semi truck body slamming.

My best friend from senior year of boarding school with whom we hadn't seen one another for going on 9 years, came to visit out of a whim. 5 days where you realize that even though as separates, we had grown with relationships, I.E. my being married, all the experiences that happen after high school, and what not... we were still the same kids we had been all those years ago, but this time with cocktails.

It's amazing how much time can pass between two individuals yet can literally pick up and be the same people together after all.

It's only January 7 and it's thus far been such an beautiful year. Not only in comparison to last year (as this time then I had been whining to my best friend telling her "I'm fine... I'm sure it's nothing... have you met me??? I am stubborn and have a hard head... and... and... I am Taurus... " where she said "go to the ER... you don't wanna end up like Billy Mays"... where my only response to her from what she says is "noooooooo I'm not that corny". Yeah. Not really my highest point.

So 2012. Much better.

So for everyone... "Here's to a Happy, Prosperous, Enjoyable, Slow, Meaningful, Calm, Exciting, Growing, Adventurous, and Loving 2012".





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