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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ya always wonder about your.....

If I could have one wish....... not one that would make a huge difference in the world... cause that would be incredibly difficult to choose between the things that cause my heart to break, but no... one silly wish in my own little world here in Nashville it would be to some, small and insignificant, but to be something worthwhile. It wouldn't be to get my husband to do the dishes when its his turn, or the annoying neighbors across the street to quit complaining on where we are to park in front of our own house, or for the recycling man to actually get our recycling bin on time so the said neighbors could quit their bitchin.. no no no none of the above... it would be to hear the thoughts of my dogs and of my cat... an even my horse. I have a plaque above my side of the bed, just the size of a tile, that reads "my goal is to be as wonderful as my dog thinks I am". So often in life if its not people around you that get you down, or the situation at work not "work"ing out so well, or you find yourself out of sync with your partner... you yourself can be your own worse enemy. Yet it goes without fail my beloved "kids" look at be without any hesitation that they know my reason for being and what my divine purpose in life is. They are my pieces of pie... my cheese to my mac and cheese... the sometimes only bit of sunshine during gloomy days when every shade of grey presented itself. I am more than thankful that they are apart of my life. So here's a "Cheers" to four legged loved ones. Good night.

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