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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ya think ya know somebody...

I found a picture of me... Oh I don't know, maybe I was about 9 or so... that basically describes the me that I still am now. Only differences are all the grown up stuff... like Bills, Rent, Not enough sleep, Checking and Savings accounts, Work, and all the "ETC's" you can think of.

I'm just older. Taller sure. Hair not so sun bleached blond from long days out doing God only knows what. Skin not tanned. Not toooo differently dressed, haha as in the picture I am wearing a shirt with a hog eating a watermelon... I was a rock star and trend setter. I have my front four teeth out and am sticking my tongue through the hole cause it would make my mother mad as she solely wrote the book for how to be a G.R.I.T.S. (girls raised in the South) and apparently smiling with you mouth closed and sticking your tongue through the hole isn't something a young lady does.

But yes, I am a ballet dancer. So although in the studio and on stage I somehow whip out something that looks a lil bit the grace, once the music is off and the curtain closes I am still that lil skinned kneed, falling down (as I did this morning on our porch... left butt cheek bruised... mmmmm), giggly little girl from the picture.

I think for dancers and artist you are defined by what you do and hopefully what you love. But I think to be a truly incredible artist you have to let that be just one part of the make up for you. You can't possibly do a believable Juliet if you have never been in love. Life happens outside of the studio. Live it.

I know several people that like me "Jennifer Drake"... dancer... and not so much the "Jen Drake-Feltner" that is so much that little girl all grown up... and I am ok with that. Haven't always been ok with it but I think the older I have gotten the less I care and the more I like the Jen that makes up the Jennifer.

I love coffee, vinyl records, my vintage truck, country and classical music, Satchmo, wine, cheese, carbs, tea, star gazing, people watching, walking my dogs, riding my horse, getting dirty, gardening, laughing, being ridiculously silly, watching movies, reinacting I Love Lucy episodes... and that's only the surface.

I hope with any students that I have or do teach I can instill that little bit that is so important... you are a dancer, but you need to also be a human that lives, breaths, loves, explores the different facets that make up you.

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