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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love

Most woman when they hear the phrase "those three little words" one would assume it to be from one man to a woman starting with an "I" and ending with a "you" which in turn the woman reciprocates that to the man... well.. ideally.

I have never been the most womanly of women. Four weeks after my now husband and I started dating he said "I love you Jen... I think I've loved you my whole life". I smacked him on his chest and very eloquently replied "what took you so long???... I have been wanting to say it back since I met you". Smooth eh?

Another phrase a woman supposedly wants to hear is one that's 4 words that basically spell out prison... I'm sooooooo kidding, hahaha.... but spell out the bigger part of "I Love You" with a now "Forever" tagged on as "Will you marry me?". We were ice skating. I kept getting dragged around by two little girls I befriended who found me funny (I thought of them as tiny little potential airbags in case I would have a crash landing). He finally got me alone on the rink. I thought he was falling so naturally I started the point and laugh until he was down on a bended knee and said "Jennifer Mae Drake, will you marry me?". I somehow "skated" (more a push and glide) over to him smacked his chest and said "where have you been hiding that?!" LOL. He said "that's a yes I guess". It was.

But "Eat, Pray, Love". As I sit here watching this movie and this woman's adventure I try and think of my three words...

Eat would probably be broadened by "nourish". I think you fuel, indulge, and replenish through food and drink. But I think the main focus on food has been so far separated from nourishing our bodies have started altering. How sad is that?

Pray for me is apart of my Faith as a Christian so... word two is "Faith". To live 'Christ like'. I fail epically more often than not though. I am not perfect. But today being a day of new and renewing as it is in fact "Easter", I have the power to try. So I start with this... I will continue to add but starting off for now the off the top of my head, ones are....a list from now on that I will call the...
"Never will I Evers"
1. Laugh even the most uncomfortable laugh when someone makes a assumingly jokingly comment about anothers background and race. Note to all you that do that... it's uncomfortable for everyone around but mostly you are hurting someone else. They more than likely have heard it before and aren't amused either. It shows your darkest of sides. Race is taken from the who phrase "human race". Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
2. I have been cruel every time I have called something "retarded" even in the most passing of moments. And then someone so beautiful entered my life who I realized that saying just that as it would often times equals to 'stupid' I wasn't only hurting her, but also her legacy of strength being a sister and caretaker for her sister who has disabilities. This woman is younger than I by almost 6 years, a true southern, a full spit fire, and walks in faith... and is a beautiful inspiration to me everyday.
3. Similar to 1, I have never and will never laugh at a joke about "dead babies", "Helen Keller", or any ones similar. It simply shows the character of our society. I don't find them funny. That saddens me.

I'll start with those. I know I am a work in progress. I know I am not perfect. I just want to try. The attempt at being better. That's a start in the right direction.

The final word Love would have to stay just that... was going to change to philanthropy which is the love of man kind/humanity, but I love so much more than man... I would like to think my love goes to all beings (esp my four legged ones)... was even thinking "namaste'" which has a beautiful meaning in yoga... "I honor the place in you which the entire universe swells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in the place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one". But... for simplicities sake... "love".

So now as I am going to finish up the movie version "Eat Pray Love", while my cat is wanting attention, the puppies finish up rawhides, and the hubby snoozes on his cozy chair I can only hope that after a week off I can keep these feelings of hoping going.

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