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Saturday, May 26, 2012

For the future... 2012

The last few months have been, to say the least, rough. My Isla passing. Changes in the company. Friends leaving. End of the season. My mother's heart attack.
But now....

One of my best friends went and got herself engaged to one of our great friends, Chuck and I celebrated 2 years of marriage (and survived... jk... but it went by so fast and how much I love that man has grown even more every passing year which I didn't know this kind of love before), we are finished with the 3rd season of 'Lost'... yes the tv show... years late but it's one of our new things we get to do together without roommates and it's "ours", we finished our second season at DTT (ha and survived... kinda... jk hahaha) and got to perform some of my dream roles... how awesome is that, I am home in Chicago now to see my mother out of the hospital and see one of my nephew's who came to live with us when they were babies and who are a cross between my boys/younger brothers graduate highschool tomorrow.

Maybe life is hard... crushing... perplexing... aweful... painful... grueling so the beautiful moments that are the ones you put on your profile pictures, send in text messages to friends and family, laugh at amongst lovely people and wine and do "remember when"s, help you become a better person because you survived the curve balls... well, I feel like sometimes life throws more than balls atcha... boulders, whoopie coushions, nine pound falaffels... that'd hurt too if it gotcha.

To the future... know you don't gotta know it all "right now", don't compromise your desire for popularity over company that will be there for you when those desires fail, get a hankering for striving... somewhere the hunger for it has changed to "settling" and once you settle you make your whole life stagnant... stagnant isn't a good place to be in anything... that's in your Faith, health, wellness, relationships, your dreams, jobs, studies, everything... cause the whole generation now has settled and caused our country's mind, body, Faith, soul to be a corporation and our every livelyhood has reflected in that very fact, go outside more, travel... find adventures even in your own home town like new places to eat or music venues, do something that scares you or simply makes you uncomfortable more... even the oddest things like mine... calling the pizza guy, asking sales people for help, parallel parking... it's weird I know but those are things I ask my baby to do, plant something and take care of it... the beauty of life happening and it's because of you is pretty special, and simply be better. Sometimes the most significant moments in your life happen without any choice at all (both the beautiful moments and the damned ones)... and sometimes it's the very choices you make today that cause significant choices to happen to cause the future outcome of your life to be better.

And this note isn't just for the youth wearing the cap and gown this month, but for my generation, younger ones, older ones, everyone... think about it... and know it's never too late to make changes for the better for others, for your business, for your family, and most importantly, for yourself.
I'm graduating out of a grey area that had me outta sorts for awhile and didn't have me sleeping at night... and today I took a nap... it was a lovely nap, and woke up with hope...

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