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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer now Falling for Fall

I've lapsed in writing and I can only blame it on...

teaching summer programs, doing our summer series at Dance Theatre of Tennessee, pulling off a fundraiser I fronted called "12 for 2012" that was 9 days of crazy to only come up with a huge success so sometimes crazy is a good thing (thank God for my sake), got an overnight visit from my best friend from Cincinnati Ballet days, working, helping my best friend from 15 years old move far far away :( and side note apparently no amount of my whining was able to stop this move from occurring but whine I did, spending a week with my second family in Savannah,GA where we ate, drank, walked, and even saw Forrest Gump (I have a picture to prove it later), and met a couple (Max and Betty) celebrating 60 years of marriage... what a love story, followed by seeing the last of we 'Drake gals' (patented phrase... ok not really but it should be) become another last name and having the Big Day be a long weekend of family I have never met and realizing, after meeting said family members, I am now fully convinced I am NOT adopted for sure, got to play with a pig named Bacon, then spent a week with my family where I got to be a kid again and adventures of Sea World and other such things but that was certainly a highlight cause anything after Sea World just couldn't hold up... but really... Shamu is the bomb, starting my third season with Dance Theatre of Tennessee and teaching in the academy with private lessons almost every night, with a few smaller show series and one weekend of getting to pretend to be sexy as I got to dance Carmen in 'Carmen'..........to name a few... soooooooooo hence the delay in my writing...

We are heading into Nutcracker season, and I get a tiny chuckle when the youngins in the co (I'm the oldest gal and so everyone is a younin and that's why I'm called 'Mama Jen', God help em if that were really the case), but when they start grumbling about Nutcracker. I used to be a youngin. I also used to grumble about Nutcracker, but not now. Not when there are more years behind me than ahead of me and after a season a few years back where I wasn't dancing Nutcracker (injury) I was just a normal person. Didn't get to cringe when the Russian music would come on in Hallmark, or the Sugar Plum when played during commercials, or have to worry about swallowing clumps of "snow" (i.e. old paper that is swept up after every show to be reused... I'm a fan of recycling but when a battery falls with the "snow" and other foreign objects I'd be ok with new snow every once and awhile) you realize how much more being a part of the Holiday season is to not just the audience coming, as their holiday check list gets checked off by seeing it, but also how much it is a part of you. So as they will grumble, I'll sit with a smile as one day many moons from now they will have that moment that hits em too... and find the grumblings of their youngins to be all the more amusing.

The leaves are also changing. It's officially Fall. And cause Starbucks says so by bringing the Pumpkin Spice Latte seasonal drinks back. It's my absolute favorite time of year.

I'll be better at writing... pinkie promise. But for now, here are a few pix to show you the past couple months... Cheers!

"12 for 2012"


Summer series and getting to work with the amazing Darrell Grand Moultrie

Cincy BFF visit

BFF from age 15 moving pod... we are maturing nicely from 15.

New friend, Bacon

Seesters Wedding


With Forrest naturally

Sea World!!!!

Why do I look like the only happy one??? lol

When life hands you a sword at Sea World the opportunity to duel is endless

Max and Betty



From the Summer Series

One of the solos I choreographed for "12 for 2012" It was called 'Flowers from Cambodia' and the piece is about human trafficking specifically in Cambodia.

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