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Sunday, December 30, 2012


ok... so... 

if anyone knows me, I mean really knows me, this whole ballerina thing from the outside is a definite facade, because on the very core of my being lives a rather larger (huge, grand, flat out bigger) version of myself that apparently the dance world hasn't approved of. 

I love food. 

I love new restaurants and local eats. Not a big fan of chains as I believe the whole country in becoming exactly that... a "chain". But that's another post for another time after some wine is consumed.

But one of my New Years resolution is to get back to one of my most favorite of "hobbies"... cooking. I used to cook all the time. But in the past few years "due to this" and "due to that" I just stopped. In some parts it was monetary, as when we lived in New York, Top Ramen was a delicacy and let me tell ya, when we would make buttered noodles, whoa, did we think we "made it". Ha! Then time was short between 4 full time jobs, dancing, teaching, doing private lessons, and working at a pet resort.... I am glad somewhere in there I showered a time or two. Then recently, it's been the fact of living in a 4 bedroom 1 and 1/2 baths house, married, with three dogs, a cat, 3 extra people (not always with the understanding of when one eats, the dish that they ate from, if placed in sink will stay there and not grow legs and crawl it's own little dish self to the dishwasher conveniently placed right next to the sink that it was placed in the first place and no this IS NOT a sore subject....) I can say the will power to cook in a dish infected sink hasn't been my cup of cous cous. 

But not to worry... a tide has turned, will powered recharged, and use of my obnoxious nature will be put to what I believe will be good effective use along with ideas of dishes on beds when left in sink for awhile are thought. I want to cook so all be darn I will cook. 

Last night I made a split pea soup with goat cheese, a roasted tomato with thyme, black truffle oil, puff pastry tart, and dusted off my ice cream maker I begged my husband for 3 years ago and haven't used to make pumpkin ice cream. 

whoa whoa whoa whoa and whoa was my fat girl inside me excited!

The soup was ridiculously easy. I am going to my family's house on the 3rd charged with helping them make easy choices to better their health, as my mother had heart attacks and recently in the spring had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery and just two days ago got out of the hospital after Christmas for chest pains and low blood levels... Her surgeon had told her he didn't care if she had to go vegan, that major life style changes needed to be made. Well, you tell a woman (I won't say her age for fear that the wrath of Paula would get me) in her social security days, from Mississippi, whom her favorite movie and iconic characters of 'Gone with the Wind' have shaped her to this day, that she can no longer eat meat... good luck with that and watch her right hook, it's a dousey. Some people are just stuck in their ways and not willing to change, but I can at least say I tried til my dying day to help her be able to down the road see me retire, have a house, have kids... 

so this soup...

all ya need is:

  1. 1 lb bag or frozen peas (we got organic)
  2.  4 tablespoons unsalted butter (again used organic) 
  3. 14 1/2 ounces stock (we used vegetable stock but you can use chicken just get reduced sodium so you can control the salt) 
  4. 1 small/medium onion chopped, and salt and pepper (we use sea salt and ground our pepper but you can use what ever ya got layin around).

throw it all in a pot (making sure peas are completely under the liquid, bring to a rolling boil for about 10 minutes, then put in a blender and blend. We took it back to stove and added salt and pepper to let it reheat. We also added goat cheese at the end and it added a little salty yummy goodness. 

That's it!

Next time we are going to roast garlic and add that and maybe even caramelize the onions just to add to the flavor but on some nights when I get home late this would be a cinch to make as is!

So here's to cooking, getting back to the basics in a big big big way, enjoying the process, and delicious results!!!! 


Namaste y'all!

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  1. that actually sounds really nice. i might just try that. and i'm all for following the ballerina nutritionist - nutririna? - balletritionist?