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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

“What we find changes who we become.” ― Peter Morville


1.diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts,theories, applications, etc.: recent research in medicine.

I recently heard a story of a woman who has cancer in her jaw bone from none other than her toothpaste!!! How horrible is that?!? We all were taught, "Brush your teeth in the morning and at night" in elementary school "health class"... we see these commercials where these unrealistic expectations for sparkling white teeth that chime (my teeth have yet to "ding" no matter how diligently I brush or how lazily I do ps dot com)... and can I just say I have neither smiled whilst brushing my teeth... once I tried it and gagged... that's talent to try and look sexy aaaaand smile while brushing your teeth... not possible.

So it got me thinking... what other products that I use that I seemingly thought were good, heck SAFE even to use and my friend told me of an incredible site called 'Environmental Working Group' (http://www.ewg.org/) where you can actually type in your beauty products that you use from toothpaste to mascara to hair products to see where it rates your products... here's the link to that section and what it has to say about it (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/)

"The American government doesn’t require health studies or pre-market testing of the chemicals in personal care products, even though just about everyone is exposed to them. Through Skin Deep, we put the power of information in consumers’ hands. When you know what’s in the products you bring into your home and how those chemicals may affect your health and the environment, you can make informed purchasing decisions — and help transform the marketplace. At the same time, we advocate responsible corporate and governmental policies to protect the most vulnerable among us."
I went one by one of all my make up, that is usually left over stuff from the Nutcracker season, and slightly cried as some of my favorite products rated in the 4-7 ranges with high levels of cancer causing ingredients, high levels of developmental and reproductive toxicity, high causes of allergies and immunotoxicity, with almost all having tested on animals. With a sinking heart I had two products at the end (a lipstick and eye liner) that were in the 1-2 range. Woop Woop... ?. HA! And naturally neither company admitted to animal testing in which case any intelligent person could concur that they indeed tested in animals.

Another new year new me was to only purchase products that didn't test on animals. No beauty product is worth it to me to use to know that it was first tested on an innocent little beautiful creature that's only fault in the world it had to briefly live in was simply being born... there's already too many ugly things in the world that beauty products don't need to add to the ugly... isn't it so ironic that the products made to make humans pretty were made in an ugly inhumane manner. Irony at it's best.

But now with the knowledge under my belt that I also needed to look at health purposes it almost seemed impossible to find a product made without chemicals that can cause harm or future harm to me and also was cruelty free... and my stubbornness to want to buy all my make up needs from one place... was that so much to ask... and it almost was. After a tragic experience at Sephora where half the time they wanted to paint my face with this product and that and not wanting to listen first to what I was looking for and feeling so overwhelmed I was going to either go Tasmanian Devil all up all over that store or walk out... I chose the legal way and proceeded to walk away from the yappy boy with blue hair and eyeliner.

There were several options that were all made well, but most that didn't seem cruelty free and I was beginning to feel a bit disheartened. Then I saw a Bare Mineral store... I saw the sales gal and with her happy, perky, lil self before she said anything with what I was sure a Disney Princess voice that was somehow condescending like the Sephora folk I said,"Look before you start your schpeel, are your products and company made with animal testing or are they cruelty free?". She triple checked and even called corporate and they confirmed that...
"Bare Minerals does not test any of its products on animals or work with manufacturers that do. They make natural makeup brushes from goat and pony hair, but the animals are not harmed in that process."
I then stopped scaring her, smiled, and said, "thanks I'd like all new make up". I left with a rather empty wallet,new foundation, blush, two eye shadows, an eye liner, a mascara, and two applicator brushes.

I am so happy with the start of my new venture. I highly recommend checking out where your products land and encourage you to make changes where they need to be made. I figure that if every woman took a stand to the make up industry that voiced how we don't want crap any more, that cancer is never worth it, then things could really begin to change. Don't become a statistic.

Cheers to lookin pretty and feelin good about it
Namaste Ya'll!

“What we find changes who we become.”  ― Peter Morville

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