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Sunday, January 10, 2016

When the holidays are over

Chapter 3: taking down the tree

Every single turn around the sun at this time I find myself slightly melancholy. Let me just say however that's the very first time I've every used that in writing and I just can't help but think how odd a word that is... Melancholy. I think it's as odd as whistle or svelte. 

Anyhow, I get this sense of sadness and it doesn't seem obvious right at first til I realize like clock work, we are taking down the tree tomorrow and that means that the season of carols and obnoxious weight gain cause "holidays" has come to a close and the realization sets in that no, it's not happy happy jolly per say... It's just fat. 

People will ask "what did ya get for Christmas?" And now I just answer "fat, I got fat for Christmas". Awkward silence usually ensues. 


Ever get amused like I do with stores?Like did they all conspire together and say "whelp, now that it's January everyone will have resolutions to lose weight so we should shove all the work out propaganda in their face?". It's right next to the Valentine's Day hearts which are next to the Cadbury eggs I recently saw out. Calm it down Easter Bunny! You will get your turn right after my guilt ridden month of wearing work out clothes whilst eating my Valentine's Day candy hearts, that I then feel guilty about but least I look like I tried with my new sneakers and head band. 

Anyhow, no point to this other than I hope I'm not alone in feeling the melancholy. Sure Valentine's Day is great... And the Easter bunny all a fluffy... But ya just never know who will be in your life around the Christmas tree one year to the next. 

Makes ya think... Huh. 

Guess between each holiday we should find a way to keep that spirit of love going... Even while wearing the faux work out pants because let's face it... Nine times out of ten you are wearing them around the house binge watching your favorite Netflix show while snacking on hummus enjoying a glass of wine. 

I know I just did tonight. 😉


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